Swallowing the Moon

Welcome Swallowing the Moon

A journal of the epic struggle against darkness

Greetings to my loyal troupe. I am providing this adventure log for several reasons.

First, it gives me a venue to introduce and chronicle the various chapters of what I hope will be an epic story line. Here you’ll find the initial hook into the chapter, session by session recaps of events and experience/renown awards for each session.

This is also where I’ll keep secret progress notes, ideas and game development for each specific chapter.

Finally, I strongly encourage each of you to participate. Let’s be honest, I am not the only storyteller at the table. Each and everyone of you are co-authors of this story because without your creative character development and pack interactions this would be far less entertaining. You can contribute by either creating you own adventure log entry or commenting on the chapter logs I create.


coyotewalkingtall coyotewalkingtall

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