Swallowing the Moon

1) Chapter One

A Howl in the Desert

After the rescue of Canyon Rapids, the pack of 2011 (because they STILL haven’t developed a pack name,,,just sayin) were recruited by Brandon Irons, Branding Iron, to go to Cairo to track down Sergei Yushkov and see what he is up to.

While on the way to meet Raymond in the City of the Dead, the van was detoured due to a protest in the city. At the check point the car in front of the van exploded. The pack scrambled out of the van.

Caleb led the escape into the Umbra and emerged in a safe area. Using the doctor’s sim card, they contacted Kepi who agreed to meet them and introduce them to Lelia Shreds the Veil. After spending the night at her compound, Lelia made sure they were taken to the City of the Dead.

Meeting Amun-Re the pack explained what and who they were looking for. After agreeing to meet the price Raymond set, they were set on their way to return in 24 hours for information.

4 xp 5 temp renown next session 5 April (1 additional xp for LBS journal)

As they exited the tomb of Amun Re they met Sehkmet, one of the local Bone Gnawers. She seemed very defensive of Amun Re but relaxed when she saw his army of cats off to do his bidding. They returned to the compound of Shreds the Veil and planned the next day’s activities.

After a day as tourist the pack returned to meet with Amun Re. Sehkmet and her pack stood between them and the pack alpha demanded that they leave. They had disrespected him by not introducing themselves upon entering his territory and he fully believes them to be agents of Meat Pudding, the leader of the pack they are at war with. The face off was brief as Amun Re grew impatient and sent for the pack.

Amun Re met them in his full Crinos form and demanded sacrifice upon the Altar of the Riddle in the form of secrets. When the agreed upon secrets were shared Amun Re reported on the news his cats had discovered.

Yushkov had visited, and subsequently killed, a number of grave robbers and smugglers before taking Ahmed Rashad north to Alexandria. They were given a contact, Nadra, to help get them pointed in the right direction once they arrived.

Upon arriving in Alexandria the pack found Nadra who led them to a warehouse. After the pack checked the perimeter they went in and found that Rashad had been killed.

The most disturbing discovery, however, was the three altars constructed to Cruelty, Pain and Despair, the three doctor/cultist from the Royal Vancouver Hospital.

3 xp 5 temporary renown next session 19 April (1 additional xp for LBS journal)

Last Bitch Standing and Shadow-Speaker moved out to secure the area as the rest of the pack began investigating the scene. There were maps and documents that Liam was able to help translate. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together they were able to determine that it was directions to a temple ruins of Apophis although they were not able to ascertain the starting point.

While they were investigating, they were interrupted by the arrival of Rabbi Ariel who claimed that Yahweh had sent him to render assistance. After a brief discussion, the rabbi was allowed to see the body. After a speaking to the spirit of the dead smuggler, Rabbi Ariel agreed to take the pack to their next destination. It is also important to note that LBS and SS were not guarding the doors and that the rabbi saw no one. (see comments below).

The Hotel of Ste. Elizabeth is one of the most expensive, exclusive hotels in Alexandria. Liam was able to dress the pack accordingly and grift their way in to the hotel. Once inside, they caught the scent of the Russian and tracked him to a suite on the 11th floor. The room was ransacked and the pack quickly searched for evidence before security showed up to investigate why Runs at the Front booted in the door.

With the evidence in hand, they returned to their room to piece together the last piece of the puzzle, the point of origin was El Almein. Before they could make use of the information, however, they were visited by one of the local mage officials, Darren Caine.

Caine was upset that the pack had entered the city without following the local protocol of the peace accord between the Garou and the Awakened. Liam was able to assure Caine that the pack had no ill intent while in the city. The two played a cunning game of information control in which the pack said they would be in the city shopping for antiques for three days. This seemed to satisfy Caine and it looked like everything would be fine until the mage insisted on meeting with Liam for coffee every night while they were in his city.

The pack debated their next move. Deciding not to risk angering the mages and feeling that establishing them as a contact point, the pack stayed in the city for three day as they gathered supplies for their trip into the western desert.

By the time they left Alexandria and found the Temple of Apophis, it was too late. The Russian had wiped out the dig site, burned it to the ground and killed everyone there. The temple was empty and the Russian was gone.

They were able to ascertain that their prey went there for an idol, one of five, that was instrumental in an ancient ritual referred to Swallowing the Moon. The other idols were scattered around the world but it was assumed that they date back to the Pangaea.

9 xp (end of chapter), 10 temporary renown (none can be spent in Glory) next game TBD.


Last Bitch Standing and Shadow-Speaker hurried out of the warehouse to make sure they were not going to be disturbed while the pack investigated the body and altars. As they quickly made plans for the job at hand, they were approached by an old crone. She spoke to them in a thick old world accent.

“This is what my line has become?” she cackles as she looks Caleb up and down. She shrugs. “Oh well, what’s an old woman to do. Come grandbaby,” she said. “This battle has already been lost. Your pack is safe, for now, but I must prepare you and her for the next battle.”

Caleb immediately recognizes his great grandfather’s mother. He’d heard tales of her wisdom and her knowledge of the Umbra. There were many stories of her appearing to others in the family or pack in time of great confusion or danger.

Ciera was hesitant. Going with the old woman meant leaving her pack unprotected. “Don’t worry,” the hag grinned. Despite her age every tooth was still in her head and each one was razor sharp. “There’s someone coming, right behind me in fact, that can help them.”

LBS and SS looked down the dimmly lit street and saw a slight figure of a man, an Orthodox Jew by the looks of him, striding confidently toward the warehouse.

“Quick now, cub, take my hand and let’s be away” Without a second thought, the two of them took the old woman’s hand and stepped into the heart of her endless cabin on chicken legs.

1) Chapter One

The pack was seated around the conference table of the Dream Liner’s executive class as they made their way eastward back toward America. Brandon Irons, Branding Iron, was clearly not impressed with their debriefing. He listened as each had stated their version of the details of the mission and had explained why Last Bitch Standing and Shadow-Speaker had not made the flight. The truth of the matter was they were on a spirit quest in the heart of the Umbra with what could best be described as Caleb’s GGGreat Grandmother Baba Yaga. Who where they to argue?

“So,” Irons said at the conclusion of their report. “Let me make sure I got this. You spent a day sight seeing in Cairo then went to Alexandria where you spent three days shopping and hob nobbing with the local wizards. Meanwhile, your prey found what he was looking for and escaped unchallenged AFTER leaving a trail of dead bodies a brain dead toad could follow. Does that about cover it Marine?” He directed the last statement directly to Aaron.

“We were ordered not to engage,” Runs at the Front stood defiantly.

“Really?” Irons crossed the room and began poking the warrior on the scar he received at his rite of naming. “Because you were ordered not to cross the road too. Good boy. Now go lay down?” Irons turned his back and stepped away dismissively.

Aaron lost it.

He made a quick step forward with the intent of wheeling Irons around and delivering a hard right fist to his smug jaw. What happened was so quick that no one in the room could even begin to describe it. The next thing they saw as Aaron on his back with Irons’ boot in his chest as he pulled the younger warriors arm straight up and applied painful pressure on the oddly turned wrist.

Aaron struggled in that in between space of control and rage for a moment before Irons released him.

“For what it’s worth,” he said, “your inexperience is exactly why we sent you. Your information will be helpful in the end and the Russian has no need to worry about you following him. Which makes him careless when WE follow him. It may be one of the only times when you can consider your failure as a condition of victory in the operation. Now, go get some sleep. You’ll need it before getting ready for the next battle.”

With that Branding Iron helped Runs at the Front to his feet and walked away.

1) Chapter One
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