Cairo 101

(As told by Dr. Richard Hurst)

Like it or not, Cairo is a vampire’s city. Between the sheer number of ancient undead and their complete saturation of the foundation and infrastructure of the natives nothing short of destroying the city will wrest control from the leeches. Their leader has quite a reputation as a wolf killer so we do our best not to draw too much attention. Our focus is keeping them contained to Cairo, not too difficult since we’re surrounded by desert and there’s no where for them to go, and preventing any other problems from entering the city.

There are three active packs in the city. The Glass Walkers, led by Shreds the Veil, are based out of Heliopolis. She oversees the only Gnosis caern in the region so her pack holds all the aces.

There are two packs of Bone Gnawers currently in a territorial dispute in the south eastern section of the city. Their both claiming the slums north of the City of the Dead and they’ve come to blows on several occasions. I’ve been trying to get them to sit down and work things out but Meat Pudding is a bit less than rational these days.

Cairo 101

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